Soft Wash System for Exterior House Cleaning

Soft washing is a highly effective cleaning processes that removes mold, algae, dust, dirt, and other biological elements from your home’s roof and exterior surfaces. Soft washing cleaning systems use a pump and a hose to spray water and a specified cleansing solution onto a surface. 

So what is soft washing? 

This cleaning system uses low pressure and specialized cleansing solutions to remove microorganisms, dirt and debris from your home’s roof and exterior surfaces. 

With Softwash Hawaii’s  cleaning process, a specifically designed biodegradable/non-hazardous is first applied to eliminate microorganisms and loosen up the dirt and grime. 

Then as needed, the surfaces are rinsed with potable or deionized water (dependent on the surface and desired outcome).

Soft washing expels water at a lower pressure — about 50-65 PSI — similar to a common garden hose. Yet is still highly effective for cleaning your home’s roof and exterior surfaces. 

Softwash Hawaii uses environment-friendly and naturally biodegradable products that uses specifically designs cleansing solutions eliminate bacteria and debris from roofs and exterior surfaces. . 

It can remove biological elements without damaging the surfaces of your home. The cleansing solutions are safe for use around your family, pets, and plants. Thus, soft washing allow homeowners to clean their exterior surfaces without harming the environment.

Initially, a soft washing was a cleaning method for safely removing microorganisms from shingle roofs. 

Based strongly on the spray-and-kill approach, a soft wash is a more delicate process than power washing. 

Soft washing can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as stucco, wood decking, wood siding, wood fencing, painted wood, asphalt shingles, metal buildings, and cedar shake, among others. These surfaces would be more vulnerable to potential damage from a pressure washing system.

Another great feature of soft washes is its ability to clean in between crevices. 

With more detailed cleaning, this type of cleaning can last up to four to six times longer than power washing. 

With minimal upkeep, a soft wash may be more cost-efficient than pressure washing.

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