HOA and Condo Board Performance: Are They Meeting Standards?

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In the realm of property management consultation, discerning the efficacy of a Board is a multifaceted inquiry. Notwithstanding the prevalent discourse about dysfunctional Boards, it’s paramount to recognize the markers of a commendable Board in the context of Condos or Homeowners Associations (HOAs).

Predominantly, Board members are imbued with rectitude, espousing noble intentions during their electoral journey and subsequent governance. Their choices, albeit occasionally unpopular, often stem from a rationale aiming to navigate lesser evils. But discerning the veracity of their performance requires a deeper understanding.

The hallmark of an adroit Board is not monolithic but a tapestry of attributes. This was illuminated in a LinkedIn survey we conducted among HOA managers and management company executives, revealing no singular trait of excellence, but rather a constellation of characteristics that forge a proficient Board.

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Fiscal Prudence: Garnering 33% in our survey, a Board’s financial acumen is pivotal. This extends beyond maintaining robust budgets and reserves. It encompasses transparent expenditure of funds for communal benefit, articulate communication regarding fiscal decisions, and sagacious planning for large-scale projects to obviate unforeseen expenses and reliance on special assessments.

Proactive Stewardship: Equally significant is the Board’s commitment to proactive maintenance, ensuring minimal deferred upkeep. This involves regular inspections and timely interventions, understanding that prevention is economically prudent and essential for the longevity of community assets.

Constructive and Harmonious Conclaves: A significant proportion of respondents equated the Board’s effectiveness with the ambiance of their meetings. A proficient Board navigates disagreements with maturity and preparation, fostering a respectful and inclusive environment for members.

The Importance of a Visionary Leader

Visionary Leadership: Goal-setting is a compass for effective governance. A Board with a clear trajectory is more likely to navigate the community towards prosperity than one without direction.

Equitable Collections: Addressing delinquency is a delicate balance. A judicious Board enforces fair collection practices, ensuring the financial burden is equitably distributed among members.

To evaluate your Board, consider the following criteria, each meriting five points for affirmative responses:

  • Regular, modest assessment increases.
  • Accessibility of financial documents to members.
  • Reserve funding exceeding 80%.
  • Infrequency of special assessments.
  • Alignment of project costs with initial estimates.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of community assets.
  • Prompt replacement or repair of failing components.
  • Professional demeanor in meetings, regardless of dissent.
  • Business-focused meetings, welcoming member participation.
  • Annual goal-setting discussions.
  • Consideration of expert advice in decision-making.
  • Delinquency rate below 10%.
  • Fair and judicious collection practices.
  • Employment of professional collection solutions.

Tally the score to gauge your Board’s effectiveness. A score of 60-75 signifies excellence, 45-60 denotes good performance, 30-45 is average, 15-30 suggests the need for improvement, and below 15 indicates significant concerns.

Even Boards that score well may find room for enhancement in their collection processes. For those seeking superior solutions in recouping late payments from delinquent owners, exploring innovative avenues beyond traditional legal approaches can be beneficial.

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