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How Bird Poo Negatively Impacts Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Softwash Hawaii is your best solution for controlling mitigating birds and bird damage on your roof, for residential and commercial clients. Bird droppings are highly corrosive and will quickly deteriorate or stain any material or substrate it comes in contact with, including shingles, metal roofing, rubber, barrel tiles, and slate roofing systems.

Because bird droppings are so acidic, over time, rapid deterioration will begin, which can lead to a lower life expectancy of your roof, leaks, and in the case of heavy accumulations, collapse. Contact the specialists at Softwash Hawaii for professional help in keeping birds away from your home or business today.

Bird Nesting Damage On a Roof

While birds and bird droppings will present a problem on a roof, bird nesting and debris can create its own set of problems for a roof structure. Birds often will be attracted to roof ends and gutter areas, as a suitable nesting location. These areas pose a problem by clogging gutters with nesting, or creating standing water areas on the roof or in the gutter. This creates a liability for the structure when the water rises or during periods of heavy rain, and can result in property and structural damage. 

What Type Of Birds Are On My Roof?

Roof peaks happen to give birds a perfect “birds eye view” of the surrounding area. The higher the roof, the better advantage the birds can see over great distances. A number of different birds will congregate on roofing structures for loafing mid-day and even roosting or establishing a nesting location. Common birds that will utilize roofing structures include:

  • Pigeons
  • Doves
  • Mountain Doves
  • Sparrows
  • Myna Birds
  • Seagulls

Damage on a roof can be extreme if a large bird, and will be far worse if a high number of birds. Rubber flat roof systems on commercial buildings can be easily damaged under a birds feet, by their claws as they walk around. 

Bird Damage On Roof Ventilation System

Roof ventilation systems are crucial for proper ventilation and preventing damage from premature aging, but birds can quickly cause hazards around a ventilation system on a roof. Bird nesting and droppings create a health hazard within close proximity to a ventilation system. Bird Problems On Solar Panel System On Roof

Solar panels on a roof structure are a “hot spot” for birds. Solar panels are elevated enough off the roof to provide a bird with a suitable nesting location and provide protection from the elements and from predators. Bird nesting will often be found under the solar panels, which can negatively effect the wiring of the panels and deteriorate the roof, almost like a “ice dam” but made of nesting as water backs up. Residential and commercial clients with solar panel roofs can often experience bird problems year round. 

Products To Keep Birds Off My Roof

There is an array of bird control products for roof systems. 

Here are a few options:

To clean and ensure your roof is maintained poo free, give Softwash Hawaii a call today. 

Your roof, and your wallet will be happy you did!

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