What Do You Want?

The journey into purchasing a home is a long process for most. 

Making the dream a reality takes hard work, sacrifice and more sacrifice. 

So, what is it that makes home ownership such a premier experience that it becomes a must do experience? 

I will share from my personal experience;

What home ownership provided myself. 

· Sense of pride

· The feeling of “I made it!” 

· Showing up my stepdad. 

· Overcome all the doubters. 

· Somewhere to call HOME, my own HOME. 

Now fast forward 5 to 10 years, do these feelings still remain? 

For myself some of it still remains, but there are now other feelings that have pushed many of those aside. 

So now, “What do I want?”

I want a home that,

· Is Low maintenance

· Is Energy Efficient 

· I’m proud to show off

· That out lives it warrantees

In these 4 bullet points what am I saying?

· I want to buy time. 

· I want to maximize my investment(s).

· I want to save money.

· I have Pride in my home. 

What can be put in place to achieve each bullet point? 

Here are some ideas;

· Have a routine maintenance program for your home and it’s assets. 

· Monitor energy usage (electricity & water) each month and try to understand where the big energy users are and reduce usage. 

Suggestions for assets that may benefit from a routine maintenance program:

+ Roof

+ Exterior of house

+ Walkways

+ Landscaping

+ Windows 

+ Fencing

+ Driveways / Garage

+ HVAC System

Want to learn more about how these items can buy time and save money?

Visit www.softwashhawaii.comto learn more. 

Contact Softwash Hawaii to schedule a property walk-through, estimate and create a routine maintenance program to benefit your Ohana, Yourself and your bank account. 

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