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Softwash Hawaii is proud to be servicing the island of Oahu, with future plans to serve ALL of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future.

Have you ever looked up and noticed the black streaking stains on your roof? Not only are those roof stains ugly, but they are also increase electricity bills and are extremely destructive! 

Those black streaks are Algae, Moss, and Lichen which are the #1 cause of premature roof failure? 

If left unattended, these growths can lead to shingle deterioration, as well as causing the shingles to lift and break over time. 

Some Insurance companies are now requesting the homeowners get their roof cleaned before they will insure them because they realize how damaging this growth can be. 

A new roof can cost anywhere from $5000 – $40,000… 

Roof cleanings, along with annual maintenance cost only a fraction of that! 

The best way to extend the life of your roof and keep it looking new is to have your roof cleaned using our low pressure process. 

Note: Never allow anyone to clean your roof using a pressure washer. This will actually strip the granules from the shingle, decreasing the life of your roof!

Are you a Property Manager or AOA/HOA Manager? What is the current condition of the roofs you are responsible for? 

There is a saying, “You don’t see what you don’t know. But once you know, you can’t unsee it”.  

Softwash Hawaii was started because I could not unsee what I had learned.  

What I had learned was there was a serious buffet being catered to microorganisms right on my roof, and on every other house in the neighborhood.  

I researched to locate a certified company to remedy the problem, but to no avail.   

Cleaning and maintaining roofs is one of many services that Softwash Hawaii provides. We also offer other cleaning and routine maintenance services to assist in keeping your properties looking new, such as House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Deck/Fence Washing, Inside/Outside Gutter Cleaning, Window Washing and more. 

  • Maximize lifetime values
  • Improve the curb appeal of properties
  • Reduce electricity cost due to roofs that absorb rather than reflect heat 
  • Be the example that other communities strive to become
  • Know that all of our chemicals are naturally biodegradable and Non-hazardous. 

Contact Softwash Hawaii TODAY! 

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