How to Clean Concrete

Concrete is an attractive and durable material that’s perfect for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Knowing how to clean concrete can help your patio, driveway, countertop, floor, etc. remain aesthetically pleasing while also extending its service life.

There are many ways that you can clean concrete, but finding the right method will depend on the type of surface as well as the soil level and stain. We have compiled tips to help you successfully clean your concrete.

Pressure Washer

Depending on the soil level, pressure washing can be an easy solution to clean your outdoor concrete. Pressure washers are great for getting up dirt, leaves and other elements that may make your concrete patio or driveway look less than stellar. For optimal performance, you should use a fan tip on a pressure washer that doesn’t exceed 2,500 psi. Using hot water will also help to break up any dirt and debris on your concrete pavement.

If you have a tougher stain on your driveway or garage floor, such as grease, soot or oil, you should use a degreaser with the power washer. Together, these can help remove tough stains to give your concrete a more attractive look.

Scrub Brush

For indoor concrete cleaning, or for other areas where a pressure washer may not be ideal, using a scrub brush can effectively clean concrete. You will want to use hot water to scrub the area thoroughly clean. Like with a pressure washer, you can combine a degreaser with the water to remove harder stains.


TSP, or trisodium phosphate, is a heavy-duty cleaner that can remove grease, dirt, soot and other various materials from concrete. Available at home improvement stores, this product can work like a degreaser to get out tough stains. If you’re dealing with exterior stains, using TSP in combination with a pressure washer will often produce better results.

Oxalic Acid

When dealing with stains that penetrate the surface, such as rust, oxalic acid can be extremely helpful. Oxalic acid is a natural component of certain plants, and you can buy it in powdered form from your local home improvement store. You can use this cleaner on concrete, but you should only use it on unsealed concrete, as it could eat through the sealer.

Concrete Sealer

While concrete sealer will not clean your already dirty concrete, it can help protect it from becoming stained in the first place. If you apply a topical concrete sealer to your concrete after it has cured, you will protect it from dirt, debris and other elements that can cause it to become weak or discolored.

Keeping your concrete clean is important for the look and longevity of your application. Using these tips can help you remove those tough stains and get your concrete looking like new again.

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