How Softwash Hawaii Excels at Soft Washing Windows

There are a lot of beautiful homes all over the Hawaiian Islands. Which of course, means that there are also a lot of window cleaning companies out there! We like to think, however, that there’s only one correct choice.

There are a whole host of reasons why Softwash Hawaii should be your go-to option for window cleaning services, but we’ve managed to boil them down to just four. Without further ado, here are the four unique reasons why you should choose Softwash Hawaii for your window cleaning needs.

  • We leverage technology in our approach

The days of a guy clambering up a ladder with a bucket and sponge are long gone. Here at Softwash Hawaii, we got ahead of the curve by leveraging smarter technologies. Our system which allows full access from the ground (and up to 40+ feet high) uses a carbon fiber, internal water fed, telescoping pole

By utilizing this light weight, telescoping pole, we rarely need ladders access windows anymore, making the whole window cleaning process safer for our technician, and reducing the risk of damage to property. 

Softwash Hawaii also leverages technology within our water system that supplies our telescoping poles. We use a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System to produce ultra clean water right on our truck. This allows for streak free windows, which previous window cleaning methods produced.   

  • We’re Certified & Experienced

All of our technicians and management teams go through a rigorous training program (both online and realtime). Part of our training program is a Certification Program that overseen by a third-party vendor. This is to ensure  Softwash Hawaii employees truly understand, and are able to execute all works safely and properly. 

  • We’re Versatile

This is one of the major things that separates us from our competition, whether it be in Dix Hills, Huntington, Melville or elsewhere.

There are two main parts to our versatility. 

Firstly, our ‘water-fed pole’ system lends an unparalleled amount of flexibility to our work. It allows us to access even the hardest-to-reach windows, and still carry out a great cleaning job. 

Secondly, we’re certified and trained to execute window cleaning jobs that span a wide range of property types.  

Some of the properties we support are (but not limited to):

  • Houses 
  • Schools
  • Multi-Unit Properties
  • Shopping Malls
  • Banks

Whatever your needs, we’re more than confident that we can meet them.

  • We’re trustworthy

We stand by our word, and communicate this by the actions we take. 

We are fully insured. 

And have a vision to be available on ALL of the Hawaiian Islands in the near future!

For Questions and/or Inquiries Contact Softwash Hawaii TODAY! 

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